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Administrative Realignment

On July 1, 2014, ARM was divided into two complementary workgroups: Campus Planning, Facilities and Safety, and Finance and Resource Management


Harvest provides a taste of food and art

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(Sep 29) Harvest: A Gathering of Food, Wine, Beer and the Arts, Sunday, Oct. 12 to focus on university's role in food and agriculture. Family-oriented activities, art exhibitions, music, food, beer and wine tasting and more.
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UC Davis, SunPower to build largest solar power plant in UC system

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(Sep 24) Campus plans to build a 16-megawatt, ground-mounted solar power plant that is expected to generate 14 percent of UC Davis’ electricity needs.
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Tercero 3: Our most sustainable residence halls yet

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(Sep 23) New-to-UC Davis technology and other advanced "green" features in Tercero's third phase will provide energy and cost savings; campus anticipates gold certification in LEED program.
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Coming this fall: New MU bus terminal, realigned Garrod Drive

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(Sep 18) The fall quarter will open with a new Memorial Union bus terminal and a realigned Garrod Drive leading to veterinary medicine buildings in the Health Sciences District.
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