Chancellor names CFO:
Dave Lawlor

Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi has named Dave Lawlor as vice chancellor of Finance and Resource Management, and chief financial officer.

Profile photos: Mohapatra, Ratliff, Mohr

Administrative Realignment

On July 1, 2014, ARM was divided into two complementary workgroups: Campus Planning, Facilities and Safety, and Finance and Resource Management


Invitation to Envision the University of the 21st Century

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(Jan 20) Chancellor Linda Katehi invites staff, faculty, students to "participate in a broad dialogue to chart our course as the 'University of the 21st Century.'"
• More at the Chancellor's blog
• Chancellor Katehi's letter (.pdf)

Online campus map redesigned, simplified

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(Jan 20) Online campus map given a face-lift, with additions that allow users to search for departments, and click on buildings to find out what's inside.
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News Briefs

(Jan 20) Police Accountability Board to meet on Jan 28 • Aggie Stadium No.1 again in waste diversion
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MU renovation starts with east wing moves

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(Jan 6) Campus Recreation and Unions has embarked on 18-month, $23.5 million renovation to modernize campus's aging main student center to feel more like CoHo, Student Community Center and ARC.
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Policy Updates

Policy and Procedures Manual

  • Section 360-30, Operation and Maintenance of Plant; 1/12/15 (section deleted - no link) 
  • Section 390-15, Emergency Alert and Notification; 1/9/15 (.pdf)
  • Section 380-64, Conditions of Visas for Alien (Noncitizen) Students, Scholars, and Visitors; 1/7/15 (section deleted - no link)

Personnel Policies for Staff Members

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Organizational Charts
CPFS and FRM org charts, July 2014.

Student Tuition and Fees
Current, historical, estimated tuition and fees. (Budget & Institutional Analysis)

Campus Data and Reports
Statistics about students, faculty, staff, research, finance. (Budget & Institutional Analysis)

Campus Administration
Overview of campus administrative divisions. (UC Davis website)

Building Space Management
Space data, inventories, policies for campus facilities. (Capital Resource Management)

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