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Administrative Realignment

On July 1, 2014, ARM was divided into two complementary workgroups: Campus Planning, Facilities and Safety, and Finance and Resource Management


News Briefs

(Aug 19) Community-based planning begins for Downtown University Gateway • Windows XP computers to be blocked by campus networks • Police advise of scam • Arboretum name changes
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Water tests confirm low oxygen in arboretum where fish died

Thumbnail image of arboretum waterway.

(Aug 13) Samples from waterway on Aug. 11 confirmed oxygen levels in fatally low range, offering probable explanation for death of 100 or more fish.
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News Briefs

(Aug 5) Phishing email uses 'At Your Service' disguise IET assumes responsibility of campus web content management system Training 'Stay Day' and Management Skills Assessment Program
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Arboretum and Public Garden offers video information

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(Aug 5) Arboretum experimenting with informational videos about plants recommended for our region, many of which are also available for sale to the public by Friends of the UC Davis Arboreutm and Public Garden.
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