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About the Vice Chancellor

Portrait of John Meyer

John Meyer became vice chancellor for Administrative and Resource Management in Fall 2009. At that time, the ARM operating unit was formed as part of a large scale reorganization that brought together all the administrative units from the Office of Administration and the Office of Resource Management and Planning. Meyer served as Vice Chancellor for Resource Management and Planning from July 2000 through September 2009.

Prior to joining the UC Davis administration, Meyer was City Manager for the City of Davis from 1990 to 2000 and Deputy City Manager from 1987 to 1989.

A proud Aggie, he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from UC Davis in 1980. He holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Southern California, completed in 1985.

We provide organizational leadership and stewardship of the diverse and complex resources needed to realize the UC Davis Vision of Excellence.

  • We coordinate and manage the campus budget and statistical reporting and conduct the analyses required for strategy development and goal-setting -- a pivotal role as the campus continues to respond to state funding reductions and considers an initiative to increase students and faculty.
  • We account for all campus finances and materiel, fostering trust and confidence on the part of campus stakeholders through accurate and timely processing and payment, support for compliance requirements, and detailed reporting on the sources and uses of University funds.
  • We plan, build, renovate and maintain the campus physical infrastructure, applying the highest standards of green and sustainable technology in alignment with the campus academic plan.
  • We manage human resources, promoting consistent and fair employment practices while delivering integrated programs to attract and develop an engaged, professional workforce that is committed to the vitality and success of UC Davis academic and research programs.
  • We provide for the health and safety of the campus community and its guests, working to prevent injury, mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance and reduce costs.
  • We develop and maintain the campus gardens and lands, reinventing the campus as a model of sustainable practices and as an international destination for groundbreaking research, exceptional student experiences and education tourism.

The dominant themes and strategies that characterize ARM's approach are:

  • Put clients first
  • Adopt progressive business models
  • Streamline operations
  • Take workplace safety personally
  • Enable informed risk-taking
  • Develop academic partnerships
  • Support targeted growth in high priority areas
  • Sustain natural and capital resources